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We are young parents of the twins. We have been growing our wonderful boys in the beautiful country of Lithuania, where we come from. However the winter is really cold in Lithuania. So we have decided to spend the cold season in Gran Canaria when our boys were 1 year old.

Starting from the end of October 2014 till April of 2015 we were living in Las Palmas. Here on this site we are sharing our experience and advice. If you are looking for some information on travelling with babies to Gran Canaria or moving to live here for the winter season, you will definitely find some tips on this page. If you miss something or have any questions – you are welcome to write to ask at any time.


My name is Jelena. My husband – Andrius. We are in our thirties growing our twins.

Originally we come from Lithuania. I am on the maternity leave (we get two years in our country). Andrius has his own digital advertising company, so he works from home.

We love travelling and enjoying new experiences. Our sons were born in November, so we have spent their first winter at home, experiencing quite heavy cold, wet and windy days passing by through our windows. Growing babies is fun, so why not it make warm and sunny too, we thought?

Therefore, we decided to spend the next winter in the warmer corner of the world. Where you can take your kids outside, let them play in the sun, swim and breath fresh air.

In summer, when babies were 6 months old, we have been staying in the country house in the middle of the forest in Lithuania. Surrounded by the most green nature and wildlife. That was perfect. Our little boys were spending the whole days outside, breathing the fresh air, eating vegetables and fruits from my grandmothers garden. So we were sure that we are out to some warmer place for the winter time.


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  • It‘s still European Union, which makes some things easier (like healthcare).
  • The climate is perfect (lowest temperature – 15/16 C).
  • It‘s almost the most South European point.
  • Las Palmas is amazingly comfortable for family with babies.
  • Island has all in one: sun, sea, wonderful beaches, mountains, events.


And we have visited it before. In 2012 we came to Gran Canaria for holiday. So we already knew how the island looks like and we liked it.

We have chosen this island as our perfect destination for the winter time with two 11 month old babies. It was great choise. We had enhoyed all: weather, Spanish people, food, guitars, our trips around the island, beaches, local markets, events and festivals, shopping, etc.

However, at first it was not so easy to find all the useful information on the topic how to spend winter in Gran Canaria, therefore we are sharing our experience here and hope you will find it useful.


All the information and pictures on this website are created by us, it is forbidden to use them anywhere else without asking the permission. Thank you for your understanding. And we hope you enjoy exploring our adventures.