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Car rent companies in Gran Canaria

Recommended cheap car rent companies – short term

We lived in Las Palmas for 6 months and explored the cheap and all included car rent options here. So here are our few recommendations what car rent companies are cheap and reliable in Gran Canaria for short term or holiday periods.

Cheap and good quality car rent from the airport would be


  • They have all-inclusive package, no hidden costs, fare fuel policy
  • Price is lower (especially for longer than 3 day periods) than in other companies around
  • Free baby seats
  • Friendly service, staff
  • Quick e-mail responses
  • Easy booking online procedure

Another trusted car rent option in Gran Canaria is renting a car through autoeurope website. As a broker company, they have most friendly all-included insurance prices which come under “Refundable excess with super cover” price. Have in mind that they usually charge additionally for baby seats and you see the final price only after adding extras. So if you need more than one baby seat than pluscar (mentioned above) will be more price friendly.

Autoeurope service is good, quick and they provide guarantees as a broker.  Just be sure to book fuel full-to-full. Otherwise you can be charged for fuel higher price than in the petrol station for the full tank and will be asked to return it empty, which is obviously additional headache. We use autoeurope with “full-to full” quite often when we can not find good local all-included company in any part of the world.

Also, we recommend take their super cover insurance (which they don’t call insurance, but call it their service). It covers all the parts of the car, including roof, glass, tyres and excess. It is much more cheaper than any insurance bought straight from the car rent company. Just have in mind that in this case, as the additional insurance service is provided by autoeurope, car-rent company will need a deposit. And this deposit will be used if something happens. But Autoeurope will return it to you when they get all the necessary documentations.

To summarize important points, if you book through autoeurope:

  • Check fuel option “full to full” if you don’t want to feel scammed and pay for fuel more than in the gas station.
  • For the safe travel take autoeurope’s insurance “refundable excess with super cover”. It protects roof, wheels, glass and it covers the excess (if you are not responsible for the damage, like driving drunk or etc.).
  • Check what is included in the price – baby seats, additional driver, unlimited kilometers, etc. – what is important for you.
  • I always recommend and do it myself – check the car before leaving, make some photos or videos. You cannot notice every scratch, but you can check your photos in case you need it. I’ve read so many complain stories on the car rent topic. Usually with the cheap ones. So why not insure yourself?

Additional good to know tips when you rent a car in Gran Canaria:

  • Consider parking space as an important check point. Especially if you are staying in Las Palmas center or Puerto-Canteras.
  • Have in mind that baby seats in Spain are really terrible. And check if they are already fixed in their place. Usually they just put baby seats on the back seat and you have to do all the job by yourself. They are not fixed.

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