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Sand in baby‘s eyes – what to do?

What to do if your baby gets some sand in his eyes on the beach? We were throuhg this, so here are some quick recommendations:

  1. Wash baby’s eyes with the clean water or saline eyewash solution. This special 0,9% natrii chloridee liquid can be bought in every pharmacy (some names: Physiomer, Physiodose, Nota bene, etc.). They also come in the small packages of 5 ml. Saline does some desinfection to prevent infections. But clean drinking water from the bottle is ok as the first help as well. Don‘t be afraid to pour more water. Pour water or saline and let it wash out all the small sand particles. Have your baby tilt his head back toward the side of the eye being rinsed. Pour clean water or saline to the direction his head is tilted.
  2. Dont‘ let your baby rub the eyes as the small particals of sand can do some harm or injure the eye.
  3. Let him cry. Tears wash the sand particles and does some infection prevention, so it is a good self-help for your baby.
  4. Check if there are any sand particles left in the eye. If yes – wash the eye one more time as it is recommended in the 1st paragraph. If the sand is already on the skin near the eyes, you can gently remove it with the cotton pad.

The eye can get red a little, that‘s normal. It‘s better to use the sun glasses for a while to avoid additional irritations. Check baby’s eyes few more times – if you see that everything is ok and the irritation is calming, then there is no need to worry. However, if you feel worried, your child is not comfortable and you think that there might be some more sand left in baby’s eyes – visit the doctor or the nearest emergency office. It‘s always a good idea. You know your baby and you know if he is feeling better or not!

One of the twins got sand in his eyes on the beach when being one year old, almost toddler. Our boys were playing and one started crying. We quickly found the nearest pharmacy and washed the eye with the saline Physiomer. After one hour there was not a sign of what happened. From then on we always have some saline with us next to other important first-help medicines in the kit. I can say that it still happens from time to time and kids get sand in the eyes on the beach or in the playground, but it‘s not a big deal for us anymore as we know what to do. And I can honestly state now that the first time was really scary!

Beach is a wonderful playground for your baby and sand is a very good stimulator for the little palms, starting exploring the world. This stimulation both to palms and feet works as a massage which is good for baby‘s language skills development. So let your little sunshine fully enjoy the beach, just be prepared to help. It is always a good idea to have some saline liquid with you, just in case you need it.

The small doses are in 5 ml plastic package, very comfortable to carry in your handbag.

These recommendations are prepared upon our experience, doctor’s and pharmacist’s advice. However it is not a medical advice, so it is always better to see or advice your doctor and get professional assistance. In case you need one – here you can find information and useful contacts for kids doctors.

Stay healthy and enjoy your family time on the beach with your baby!

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