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Transfer from Las Palmas airport

What is the best transport or transfer option from Las Palmas airport? Here is our advice and comparison of the tranfer options, including taxi, car rent and public bus prices and advantages.

We are the family with 2 kids,therefore we usually rent a car for the whole holiday time when we travel. At the end, it is cheaper than getting the 2-ways airport transfer and additionally renting a car for few days. Well, but if you are 2 persons or 1 and prefer beach holiday, I would consider public bus services as the transfer to your holiday resort in Gran Canaria – it is really convenient and cheap.

Bus from Las Palmas airport

If you are considering taking a bus from Las Palmas airport to your hotel in the North or in the South of Gran Canaria, have in mind that buses are available from around 6.15 a.m. to around 23.30 p.m. The precise timing is available on the schedules you will find below. The bus service provider along the island is

To Las Palmas – San Telmo or Santa Catalina

How to get from the airport to Las Palmas? You can take bus No. 60 or bus No. 91. These are the express buses to Las Palmas from the airport. They cost 2.30 EUR or 2.95 EUR per person. You need to go to the bus stop No. 5 and take the bus No.60 or No. 91 to Las Palmas center. Only bus No. 60 can take you to the Santa Catalina square from Las Palmas airport.  

Bus No .60 runs every half an hour at X hour and 15 minutes and any X hour and 50 minutes. The 15-minutes bus can take you directly to Santa Catalina square and Puerto de Canteras district. While the 50-minutes past hour bus will take you to the San Telmo – central bus station of Las Palmas.

Price for the one way bus ticket from the airport to Las Palmas San Telmo station is 2.30 EUR. One way ticket price from Las Palmas airport to Santa Catalina station costs 2.95 EUR. For the both ways ticket the price is simply double.

Check the timetable of the bus No.60 here.

No. 91 bus is the bus which stops at the airport on it‘s way from Puerto de Mogan to Las Palmas San Telmo station. It takes around 45 minutes by bus from Puerto de Mogan to the airport of Las Palmas. So when checking the timetable of this bus, you will need to add around 45 minutes to it‘s departure time from Puerto de Mogan. This is how you get the approximate bus departure time from Las Palmas airport.

Check the No. 91 bus timetable here.

From Las Palmas airport to Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan

Bus transfer from Las Palmas airport to Maspalomas, Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan and all other South destinations are available. Buses No. 66 and 91 can take you to your South destinations. Bus No. 66 goes only as far as Faro de Maspalomas. Bus No. 91 takes you to Puerto de Mogan and other towns on the route. The ticket price depends on the town, where you are heading. It costs 3.50 EUR to go to Playa del Ingles. And bus ticket from the airport to Puerto de Mogan costs 6.80 EUR. Bus ticket price to Puerto Rico is 5.45 EUR. It takes about 45 minutes to go from Las Palmas airport to Puerto de Mogan, which is the final stop for South.

Check the timetables of the relevant airport buses here:  timetables of bus No.66 , timetables of bus No. 91.

More buses are available

And here you can find the detailed document with all the buses available at Las Palmas airport. And their prices from Las Palmas airport to any of your chosen location in Gran Canaria.

All buses and prices from Las Palmas airport. 

Please, have in mind that here you will find all the buses, not only the express buses. So it means that some of the buses stop at every little bus station and can double the time of your journey to campare with the express buses. If you want a short trip to your hotel – choose the express bus. Or if your holiday location is quite far from the airport and you are more than 2 person – consider the car hire, it might be a better and price-wise option for you.

Car rent

We have 2 children, so we usually rent a car for the whole holiday time, when we travel. At the end, it is cheaper than getting a both-ways transfer to and from the airport and additionally renting a car for few days. So we usually rent a car at the airport with all inclusive insurance, 2 baby seats and full-to-full fuel policy. This lets us feel relaxed through the whole time. We did the same for Gran Canaria.

If you are planning to rent a car for 3-5 or more days while on holiday, consider the car rent for the whole period. Price per day goes down when a car is rented for a longer period. We suggest you calculate your transport costs in Gran Canaria. Take the price of your both ways airport transfer (bus or taxi) and add the price of the car rent or additional transport costs while on island. Is it less or more than the car rent for the whole period? For us it is usually more expensive than renting a car for the whole time.

How to calculate transport cost?

Let‘s say I am coming to Maspalomas and considering taking a taxi to and from Las Palmas airport to my hotel. This will cost me roughly 33-35 EUR one way. So both ways from the airport to Maspalomas and back from Maspalomas to airport it makes roughly 70 EUR. If I want additionally to rent a car for 3 days  – it costs me  around 50-70 EUR for mini class car, depending on the insurance package.So I will spend around 120-140 EUR on tranport in this case.

And if I rent a car for 7 days in Las Palmas airport (booking a little in advance through autoeurope website), I can get a mini class car for 63 EUR or 100 EUR with refundable excess with super cover – all inclusive insurance package.

Check our tips and recommended car rent companies in Gran Canaria here.

p.s. you may challenge that here we should add petrol price. But in the end, if you are planning to rent a car for 3 or more days anyway, you have to pay for fuel additionally. So here you will end up adding the price of the fuel for your airport roundtrip. And you will have a car at your disposal for the whole time, so you may go shopping or driving around whenever you want.

Transfer by Taxi

Taxies are more comfortable option than buses. But they are more expensive. Taxi fares from Las Palmas airport start from 30 EUR. This is taxi price for one way, for both ways – double it. Here are the approximate price per taxi from Las Palmas airport to the chosen resort:

32 EUR to Las Palmas city center,

35 EUR to Playa del Ingles,

42 EUR to Maspalomas,

55 EUR to Puerto Rico or

65 EUR to Puerto de Mogan.

To summarize, taxi is more comfortable option from Las Palmas airport if you are more than 2 person and you do not plan to travel around Gran Canaria island by renting a car. If you are on the budget trip – take a bus in this case. Gran Canarian bus service is really comfortable and price-friendly. If you plan to somehow get to your destination and then rent a car for few days anyway, then definetely renting a car at the airport is a more reasonable option. And rememeber – if  you travel at night you are choosing only between car rent and taxi service. Buses run on limited hours.

Let us know if you need hep with the transport or airport transfer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You are welcome to ask your questions below.


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