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What is the weather like in winter in Gran Canaria?

We have been living in Gran Canaria from the end of October till the middle of April. The island is well known for its tiny temperature variations, which makes it perfect holiday destination. Gran Canaria ir well known because of the mild and warm winter weather.

When you ask what is the temperature like in Gran Canaria in winter time, you need to know that it’s usually quite different in southern and northern parts of the island. Mountains in the central part of Gran Canaria traps all the wind and South-West part is always warmer than the Nort-East.

Weather in South part of Gran Canaria

South resorts – Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Taurito, Arguineguin and Puerto de Mogan are known for the almost all year round sunshine. Rain is a rare guest here and temperature (+23-+30) is nice for sunbathing. That’s why it is a popular tourists destination. And that’s why if you come to Gran Canaria only for a week or two I highly recommend to stay in the South, to enjoy the Sun.

However, if you want to spend a warm winter, but not too hot one, if you like weather variations (some sunny days mixed with some rainy or windy ones), Las Palmas is a perfect destination. More North can be a little more cool.

Weather in North part of Gran Canaria

In winter in the North part of the island the temperature varies from +16-18°C to +24-25°C (based on our experience). More cool weather is in Agaete and more unpredictable is in Las Palmas.

However, when we came on the first day to Las Palmas, which was Autumn, 24th of October, we were shocked – + 32°C. We had to change all the children clothes immediately and were happy to use the conditioner in our rented car. Too hot! Temperature was reaching the same highs for almost a week. All the locals were surprised as well, they haven’t been experiencing such high temperatures at the end of October for many years. However after a week, weather changed a bit and it was easier to breath.

During the winter months, temperature was around +16 – +23 during the day. Every time we would head South, there would be from 2 to 5 degrees warmer. Locals in Las Palmas were telling us that they have never experienced such a cold winter before – “mucho frio!”. For us – it was perfect. Not too hot, with some hot days, not too cold.

It was interesting, that rain and strong wind was quite a guest in Las Palmas in Winter and Spring time. Less on Spring, of course. On one hand, it was good, because after some days of heat one usually wants some refreshment. On the other hand, it was a little bit disappointing than my mother came for two weeks and we had only two sunny days during that time.

From the middle of March it became warmer and warmer and the tourism season was already there.

How to dress?

On a warmer day: t-shirt, shorts or dress and long-sleeve shirt on top. Cooler day: trousers, long sleeve shirt and jumper. Must have all the time: sun-hat and sun-cream. Take a swimming suite for a beach, where it feels warmer every day (even the cooler ones) because of the sun. A coat in the evening was a must on most days, because of the wind or the rain. We lived next to the beach, so it always felt a little cooler at night.

If you are heading towards the mountains or the North part take some coat or jumper with you. If you go to Puerto de Las Nieves – take your jacket with you, sometimes it may be really cool there.



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